Saturday 8th of February, 2014 at the Cultural Center.
Organized  by  the  Hattiesburg Arts Council.
Gospel Brunch, Psalmist
Angela White Carter and friends

Wonderful having them at the
Cultural Center. Thank you!
Photos: Stephen Colemen -  Adolfo Pardo
Scenes from Driving Miss Daisy with
Brenda Parker and Michael Marks.

We saw them at home, in the car, at the cemetery,
young and not so young... just perfect. Thank you.

After the scenes followed a discussion of
race relations, with audience interaction.
Presenting the
Driving Miss Daisy:

Elayne Lockett and
Dalee Kimble,
Miss Leaf River.
Dr. Jeffrey Johnson
Brenda Parker
Dalee Kimble.  Miss Leaf River
It was a new good idea of the
Hattiesburg Arts Council.
Thank you Cultural Center,
Rebekah Johnson
and the members of the Board.
Jennifer Steele in TV...
Angela White Carter and  Dalee Kimble
Dr. Michael Marks and Angela White Carter.
Jennifer Steele and  Dalee Kimble
Rebekah Johnson in TV...
Dr. Michael Marks and Dr. Jeffrey Johnson.
Jennifer Steele