Hub Dance Collective    and    USM Figure Drawing
Hattiesburg Arts Council had an
evening of vibrant contemporary
dance and art. ExperienceThe Hub
Dance Collective, Hattiesburg’s new
and professional dance company.
Collective Dancers:  Meredith
Early, Kelly Ferris Lester, Elizabeth
Lentz, Rebecca McArthur, Stacy
Reischman Fletcher, and several
guest artists.
Dance of Winter Nights
We enjoyed the final
sketches of USM Figure
Drawing Artists capturing the
dance moves on paper.
Artist drawing horses and easels
were provided on the 3rd floor of the
Cultural Center for artists to sketch
the dancers.  

Sketches were viewed
following the performance.

Artists were encouraged to donate
proceeds to the Hattiesburg Arts
Council to help fund further events.

Thank you all of you.
Stacy Reischman Fletcher - USM Dance Department
Rebekah Jonhson presenting Mr. Marcus
Michels, professor of Art and Design at USM