Arts is our Nature
Photos of the opening: Tuesday March 18th, 2014

Stark Johnson


Dr. Mark
Phil Pickett

Advocates USM
Photos: Stephen Coleman and Adolfo Pardo

Group discussions about
the environment took place
prior to the reception.

Each person wrote their
environmental concern on
one side of the paper, and
a solution for the concern
on the other side.
at work!
Larran Pickett and Erin Curley
Andrea Kostyal
Andrea Kostyal
Betty Dettre
Jennifer Torres
Amanda Kleinhans
Destiny Toler
Martina Sciolino
Matt Scott
Tirza Legg
Stephanie Scalb
Kelsey Wishik
And the Grand Finale with MUSIC...  Abigail Lenz singing !
Renée Pearman
Arts is our Nature
The exhibit runs until
Tuesday April 5th 2014
Vixon Sullivan an artist who works in clay and goes much
further than making only utility pieces.
The Hattiesburg Arts
Council organized this
collaborative exhibit
of different art,
paintings and sculptures,
all related to
“Art is our Nature”  

The exhibit will be open
to the public until
April 5, 2014.  

Here is some of the artwork.
Bernadette Birzer
Abigail Lenz
Abigail Lenz
Abigail Lenz