HAC Board of Directors
2018 - 2019

Rebekah Stark Johnson
(Executive Director)

Lici Beveridge
Tom Boldo
Tomeka Durr-Wiley
Robin Fall
Shelley Gendusa
Anne Gammill Harmon
Christine Heath
Mark Malone
Ginny McKellar
James Moore
Sarah Newton
Susan Olmsted
Josh Sutton
Sharon Varnado
Julie White
Johnny Young
The Hattiesburg Arts Council extends a warm thank you to our 2018-2019 sponsors:
Webmaster: Adolfo Pardo
HAC is offering a 2-day painting workshop
instructed by guest artist, Billie Bourgeois
Saturday & Sunday, December 8th & 9th  9am - 4pm
at the Hattiesburg Cultural Center
"Painting from the Soul"
"Painting from the Soul"
Billie Bourgeois -
"Painting from the Soul" Taking the fear out of abstract art and of
making art in general, I lead participants through a series of exercises and
tools to expand creative thinking and mark making. Artistic self-discovery
happens before you know it. This workshop is good for beginners as well
as long time painters who just want to loosen up, get out of a rut, or just
break out into somethimg different for a while
Billie Bourgeois - My work is intuitive abstraction, I perceive from the inside
out. To begin painting I make marks with paint on a white space and proceed
to dialogue with the piece. I usually have twenty or more pieces going at one
time, each informing the next.
Having learned to 'trust the process' I love to guide other artists in working
'from their souls', working from a place very deep and personal. To do this, I
lead individuals through a series of delightful, freeing exercises, introducing
them to new tools and approaches to 'mark making' on the sometimes
intimidating white space. I teach a way to paint and never get stuck, how to
have at least 20 paintings going all at the same time, staying in the artistic
flow. In my workshops, artistic self-discovery happens before they know it!